We regularly review our services to ensure we are offering the best service we can. Since our first trials in 2015, we’ve worked in partnership with customer focus groups, specialist Access consultants and a number of organisations led by disabled people to design and improve the scheme.

In 2022, we are updating and refreshing the scheme in response to feedback from disabled customers, staff, the producers bringing their shows to our theatres and access and equality specialists. We’re improving access to online booking, expanding the accessibility information available on our website and clarifying our offer.

We are working with Nimbus Disability, a leading authority on accessible ticketing, to ensure we offer fair and consistent decisions on eligibility for Access price adjustments and Personal Assistant or Essential Companion tickets. See our Nimbus Access Card article to find out more. 

During 2022 we will be in transition as we carry out this work in all our UK venues. This means that you will notice changes throughout the year as we improve our service and align the options available to book with our updated policy and Terms and Conditions.

Existing Members: we will write to you using the email address registered on your customer booking account to explain when and how this will affect you. We will give you as much notice of this change as possible.

New Members: please go ahead and register for Access Membership. Your membership will be arranged as described on this website and registration form.

In the short term you may find you are able to book seats or services you do not need or are not eligible for, while we update our systems. By the end of our updates you should find that seats available for you to book will be more closely matched with any access requirements you’ve told us about and our policy on eligibility.  This will help us make sure accessible seats and services are reserved and available for those who need them.

If for any reason you find the options available for you to book online are not suitable for your access requirements please Contact Us to update your customer record, or speak to the venue’s Access Champion for advice on the most suitable seats.

Beyond this, we continue to review and improve our services and welcome your feedback. 


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