We regularly review our Access Membership Scheme to ensure we are offering the best service we can. Following extensive feedback from customers, focus groups and a number of specialist accessibility organisations led by disabled people, we’re pleased to announce a number of upcoming changes. 

Over the next few months we will be increasing the availability of online booking for accessible seats, improving the accessibility information available on our website, and standardising our approach to concessions. This work will make the booking experience faster and more consistent across the UK. Please note this does not affect any existing bookings. 


What do I need to do? 

New Members: Pleaseregister for Access Membership. Your membership will be arranged as described on our Access Membership page and you do not need to do anything differently.

Existing Members: We have changed the way we record access requirements to make them more accurate and include a wider range of people, so next time you contact us to book we may ask you some questions to update your record if this has not already been done, or if you prefer please use our online form or download a Word Document version. We have also updated our policy on Personal Assistant or Essential Companion tickets and we may ask you for up-to-date proof of eligibility if you wish to use this service. 


What Is Changing? 


Online booking for accessible seats and Access Prices will be available in the vast majority of UK venues, and we are working to include all our venues in the future.

  • You will be able to see and book Access Prices when logged in on our website as an Access Member, calling our Access Line or at Box Office, subject to availability.

Access Prices 

Where the accessibility of our venues means we cannot offer customers access to all price bands we will honour the lowest standard price for that event for two tickets (Price Adjustments), subject to availability.  

  • Customers for whom Price Adjustments are not relevant will still be able to take up any available Access concessions or other special offers.  
  • We are also extending our Local Heroes offer to holders of a Max Card, for families with disabled children.

Personal Assistant or Essential Companion tickets 

Use of Essential Companion tickets is subject to proof of eligibility which is now administered by Nimbus Disability, a leading authority on accessible ticketing, on our behalf.  

  • We are working with Nimbus’s Access Card service to ensure we make fair and consistent decisions on eligibility. 
  • If you do not already have an Access Card, please apply for an Access Card via their online form HERE. You can choose to apply for the fully transferable Access Card, accepted by a wide range of organisations for a small charge, or if you prefer, a free version of the card specific to ATG venues.
  • Please read our new policy on Personal Assistant or Essential Companion tickets.


By the end of our updates you should find that seats available for you to book will be more closely matched with any access requirements you’ve told us about and our policy on eligibility, and that you can book online. If the options available to you online are not suitable for your access requirements please Contact Usto update your customer record, or speak to the venue’s Access Champion for advice on the most suitable seats. 

We will continue to review our services and make improvements beyond those described here, including to the accessibility of our website and venues.  


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