If you require support from a personal assistant or essential companion to access our services we will provide a ticket for them at no additional cost, or in some cases, at a reduced price*. This facility is available to customers who require support or assistance as a result of a disability or long-term health condition, as defined by the Equality Act (2010).  

By accepting this ticket your companion, who must be aged over 16, accepts responsibility for providing the additional support you require to access our venues and services, including in an emergency situation or evacuation, and must be capable and available to provide this support throughout your visit. 

As this facility is open to fraudulent misuse we require one of the following as proof of eligibility. 

The Access Card is our preferred method, because we supports their aim of a consistent approach across all ATG venues and other similar organisations. It also reduces the amount of sensitive personal data you need to share with us. 

Proof of eligibility 

  • The Access Card from Nimbus Disability with +1 symbol. 
  • War Pensioners' Mobility Allowance, Constant Attendance Allowance or War Disablement Pension for 80% or more disability.  
  • CVI Certificate or evidence of Dual Sensory Impairment or an equivalent signed letter or document from a medical professional indicating you would qualify for this registration.  
  • Hynt Card 
  • Evidence of receipt of Attendance Allowance. 
  • An official, signed document or letter from a GP, social worker, nurse or other medical professional indicating that the person requires the support of an assistant to attend or participate throughout the performance or event.  

The CEA card will be accepted at the Nova Cinema in Woking only. 

If you believe you are eligible but do not have the required proof, we provide a free online service to arrange this via the Access Card from Nimbus Disability, a third-party organisation who specialise in accessibility. This service is available at: https://www.accesscard.org.uk/atg-registration/.  You can choose between a free service which will provide you with proof of eligibility for use at ATG venues only, or upgrade to the full Access Card for use with a wide range of other organisations. 

We further recognise that some customers may require the support of more than one personal assistant or essential companion. We will require evidence of this requirement in order to add this facility to your account; the simplest way to evidence this is to provide an Access Card detailing the number of assistants you require. 

*Please note that at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London a personal assistant or companion ticket is offered at the same concessionary rate as the Access Member. 

Terms and Conditions 

Please review our full Terms and Conditions, which apply to all bookings and customers including the personal assistant or essential companion. 

Please note we cannot accept ID cards for carers, as Access Membership is for the disabled individual themselves. Personal assistant or essential companion tickets can only be reserved alongside a paid ticket for an Access customer; personal assistants or companions attending without the person they support are not eligible for any complimentary tickets or other concessions unless they are personally eligible. 

The personal assistant or companion is expected to be at least 16 years of age, and a companion aged 16 or 17 is not permitted to supervise anyone aged 15 or under. Although we recognise the support provided by young carers, our policy is that young people aged 15 and under must be supervised on our premises, and we must be confident that companions could assist effectively in the event of an emergency. Where a child under 16 is presented as an essential companion we reserve the right to charge full price for their ticket or refuse admission. 

Personal assistant tickets can be returned at any time if they are no longer required, and we encourage you to do so at the earliest opportunity to enable the ticket to be used by others. 

Where a customer provides proof of eligibility as outlined above ATG will process the application for personal assistant tickets immediately. Where a customer does not have the required proof of eligibility we defer to Nimbus Disability's Access Card, via our free registration service. We will abide by Nimbus' decision on whether the customer is eligible. If a customer seeks to provide us with alternative forms of proof of eligibility which ATG staff are not able to process, we will direct them to the free Access Card registration process.


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