Relaxed Performances

Relaxed performances are designed to benefit patrons with an autism spectrum condition, a learning disability or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment, who may be concerned about attending a regular performance or may find visiting a theatre daunting.  

Dates for upcoming Performances are listed on our Upcoming Access/Assisted Performances page.  

Touch Tours

Find out about our Touch Tours.

Visual Stories

A visual story acts as a guide for anyone who feels worried or anxious ahead of their visit and explains what to expect when you visit the theatre. Each venue's Visual Story is a visual resource to help prepare visitors for a new experience and to help them become familiar with new surroundings and what to expect.  

Please Submit a Request and select 'Access Enquiry Form' to request the Visual Story.

ATG has also collaborated with Widgit Software to create a selection of symbol resources to support pantomime audiences. These symbol stories can be a great way to introduce children to the theatre, helping them prepare for their trip and follow the show. Please see our Symbol Resources page for resources.  

Orientation/Familiarisation Visits 

Find out about Orientation Visits.

Involuntary Sounds Policy

We will support patrons who make involuntary sounds to watch our performances, access chill-out spaces, leave and re-enter the auditorium if needed, and endeavour to offer any other support you may require. Please speak to any member of staff during your visit. 

Content Warnings

Many of our productions may include smoke, strobe or pyrotechnic effects, or content that may be concerning for some of our audience members.  If you are concerned please check the show’s web page for content warnings or contact the venue’s Access Champion for advice. 

Chill Out area

Find out about our Chill Out areas.

Delivered At Seat service

Find out about our Delivered At Seat service.

Theatre Staff on hand to help

Theatre staff will endeavour to help you in any way they can. Please ask for anything you need and they will do their very best to assist you.

Personal Assistant or Essential Companions

You may be eligible for a complimentary ticket if you require the support of another person; please see our Personal Assistant Ticket Policy or our Access Membership Scheme for full details. 

Additional Resources

Find out about our Additional Resources.


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