Many of our theatres have Sennheiser infra-red sound amplification systems installed; a full list is provided at the end of this article. We have two types of Hearing Enhancement Aids available to support this system:

  • Induction Loop Necklace - The induction loop necklace is suitable for patrons already wearing a Hearing Enhancement Aid. If you put the necklace around your neck and switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ setting, the sound will be amplified. The necklace has an adjustable volume control.
  • Headset - Headsets amplify sound through earpieces similar to regular headphones. This is suitable for patrons without a Hearing Aid. You are welcome to use your personal headphones if you prefer. 

You do not usually need to book in advance, and can request the headset or induction loop necklace upon arrival at the venue.  Theatre staff may request some form of deposit or identification when you collect your audio equipment. This will be returned to you on return of the equipment. We are sure you will understand this is purely to guarantee the equipment is returned and available for other patrons’ future use.  

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about this service, please contact the venue Access Champion with any queries. Their details are available on our Contact Us page. 

This system is in place in the following theatres:   

  • The Ambassadors Theatre, London 
  • Aylesbury Waterside Theatre 
  • Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham 
  • Duke of York’s Theatre, London
  • Edinburgh Playhouse 
  • Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone 
  • Fortune Theatre, London 
  • Kings Theatre Glasgow 
  • Theatre Royal Glasgow 
  • Grand Opera House, York 
  • Liverpool Empire 
  • Manchester Opera House and Manchester Palace
  • Regent Theatre and Victoria Hall, Stoke on Trent 
  • Sunderland Empire 
  • Princess Theatre Torquay 
  • New Wimbledon Theatre 

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