Membership is open to anyone who is presented with a barrier in attending our venues due to a disability. The eligibility criteria are kept under review and may be updated from time to time; currently we accept any of the following proofs:

  • Evidence of receipt of PIP Daily Living Component 
  • Evidence of receipt of DLA High or Middle Rate Care Component 
  • Certificate of Visual Impairment 
  • Evidence of receipt of War Disablement Pension 
  • Evidence of receipt of AFIP (armed forces independence payment) 
  • Evidence of receipt of Direct Payments 
  • Evidence of receipt of Social Services Care Package 
  • Evidence of receipt of a Continuing Healthcare Package 
  • Evidence of receipt of Dual Sensory Impairment 
  • Blue Badge 
  • Possession of a Disabled Railcard 
  • Possession of a CEA Card 
  • Possession of an Access Card (Nimbus) 
  • Any other International Disability Documentation 

To prove eligibility, you will need to provide one of the above forms documentation.


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