When registering online, you will provide us with a digital copy of your proof of eligibility via our secure online form. No physical or electronic copies of your proof of eligibility documents will be retained; once this has been checked any digital copies are deleted immediately and permanently.

When registering by telephone you will be provided with a link to securely upload your proof of eligibility online, or where this is not possible, bring your proof of eligibility to the Box Office when you collect your tickets. In this case no copies of your proof of eligibility will be made. The same applies if you book in person in the Box Office. 

Limited personal data which is required to administer the scheme is retained in your customer record in order to anticipate access requirements and to make reasonable adjustments on future bookings.  

Any such data is kept secure and in compliance with the Data Protection Act (the UK’s implementation of GDPR); for more information please see our privacy policy.   


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