Yes – please view our Terms and Conditions for the Access Membership Scheme below. Please note: our Terms and Conditions are subject to review, as we seek to continually improve the scheme.   



The following scheme applies at venues owned or operated by ATG. Alternative pricing may apply where we sell tickets on behalf of third-party venues.

19.1 ATG reserves an allocation of accessible seating, offers Price Adjustments and concessions (‘Access Prices’) and operates a Personal Assistant or Essential Companion ticket scheme for customers who are disabled (as defined by the Equality Act 2010) in order to support equal access to venues owned or operated by ATG.

19.2 Customers wishing to book tickets at Access Prices or a ticket for a Personal Assistant or Essential Companion are required to provide proof of eligibility. This is to ensure that resources to support accessibility are reserved for the customers who require them and is standard practice for other types of concession.

1. We will record details of your access requirements and the type of proof of eligibility provided on your customer booking account, thereby registering you as an Access Member. Once registered there is no requirement to present separate proof of eligibility with each booking for a period of three years or until the scheme is reviewed, and you will be able to book accessible seats and Access Prices online, with a Personal Assistant or Essential Companion ticket if you are eligible.

2. Individuals who are a parent, carer, guardian or personal assistant and wish to book a ticket on behalf of a child, dependant or employer who has an access requirement may register on the disabled person’s behalf. You will be asked to give details and proof of eligibility on behalf of the eligible disabled person.

3. Access Membership is not available to, or necessary for, customers who simply wish to make a booking including people with access requirements in their party; in this instance please contact our Customer Services or Groups department to book.

Proof of Eligibility
 Proof of eligibility can be submitted via a secure online form. Digital copies will not be retained; once it has been checked and confirmed, we will record the type of proof that has been provided and permanently delete the digital copy. If booking by telephone, proof can be submitted via the secure online form or provided in person at Box Office when arriving to collect tickets.

1. If you do not have the required proof of eligibility or if you wish to register for the use of Personal Assistant or Essential Companion tickets, we provide a free online service to gain this proof via the Access Card from Nimbus Disability, a third party. This service is available at: The free service will provide you with proof of eligibility for use at ATG venues only, or you may choose to upgrade to the full Nimbus Access Card for use at a wide range of other organisations. The cost and process for this are outlined on the Nimbus Access Card website.

2. As they are specialists in accessibility, we will consider the decision made by the Access Card/Nimbus Disability team to be final. The Nimbus Access Card appeals process is detailed on their website, which refers any contested decisions to an independent panel.

3. Data is not shared between Nimbus Disability and ATG without your express permission; Nimbus Disability will provide you with proof of eligibility which can then be used to register for Access Membership with ATG.


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