How do I add my eTickets to Apple Wallet?

We'll send you your eTickets within a time frame specified in your order confirmation email. If available, links will be visible in this email directing you to 'Add to Apple Wallet' next to each seat. Clicking on each link will add that seat's eTicket to your Apple Wallet. When you arrive at the venue, please present the pass for scanning.

Please note that Apple Wallet is intended for use with Apple products only, such as iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch. Third-party apps are available to download the pass onto an Android device.

For more information about using Apple Wallet, please visit the official support page


I'm having trouble adding the eTickets to my Apple Wallet

Problems with adding your eTickets to Apple Wallet can occur due to the browser or device you are using.

Please try the following steps in turn:

  • Clear the cache in your default browser
  • Copy the URL and open it in a private/incognito browser

If you still have problems accessing your Apple Wallet tickets, please use the PDF eTickets attached to the confirmation email.


Why am I not being offered Apple Wallet tickets on my order?

Availability of Apple Wallet tickets depends on the event and items in your order.


I've been sent new eTickets for my order - will my original Apple Wallet passes still work?

Unfortunately if new or replacement eTickets have been sent to you, you will need to remove the original passes from your Apple Wallet before adding the new ones using the links in your email.


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