As your ATG+ Membership is associated to your online account, when you log in, your membership will show as active under the Membership section.

You’ll also see on the left-hand side of the seat selection screen that the active promotional code shows as ‘ATG+'.

Find the performance you’re interested in seeing and click on ‘Select Tickets’. Make sure that you have logged into your online account first before purchasing tickets. In the price list that appears after you have chosen your seats, all ATG+ discounts will appear as a separate price option called ATG+.

Please note that you can only book 4 discounted tickets per performance with the ATG+ discount. Any additional tickets will need to be at full price or a concessionary rate – please select the relevant ATG+ option to ensure that you do not pay any additional booking or transactions fees (where applicable).  

Some offers only work for certain performances or seats, so it’s advisable to check a few date options to see if you can take advantage of any available discounts.


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