ATG+ Priority Sale 

The ATG+ presale is exclusive to ATG+ members only and offers priority access to tickets before the event is released to the general public.

Our ATG+ members will be informed about new shows going on sale and will be provided with a link to book tickets during the exclusive ATG+ priority booking period for most shows, so they can book their favourite seats before anyone else.

You can become an ATG+ Member by joining HERE


Venue Sign-up presale tickets

For select shows, customers are able to express interest and sign up to receive a link to purchase tickets for performances prior to the show becoming available for the general public. The price of tickets will be the same as that of the general sale, unless otherwise stated, and can be accessed by a link sent via email. 

Please note that this is not available for every show. 

You can express your interest by signing up to our newsletter HERE, which will keep you up to date on the upcoming shows and offers for the venue(s) you are interested in.


Artist presale tickets

For select performances, the production company or artist may make tickets available prior to the general sale to those who sign up direct with them - where available, this can be done on the productions/artists website. 

Please note that presales do not guarantee tickets. It only gives you the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general sale.


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