Important Information about your visit to a phone-free show, in partnership with Yondr


eTickets- must be printed off and presented at the Venue


How it works?

Once you arrive at the venue, Yondr (the phone pouch company engaged on this concert) will have its dedicated staff available to help you put your phone in a locked and secure pouch, which you will keep with you throughout the evening.


What should I do if I have an emergency and need to access my phone?

You can unlock your phone pocket at any time by going to a dedicated and signposted area, intended for phone use. Do not hesitate to ask a Yondr staff member to help you.


Why are we doing this and is it mandatory?

Having created this phone-free experience on recent tours, we believe it creates better times for everyone in attendance. Our eyes open a little more and our senses are slightly sharper when we lose the technological crutch we’ve grown accustomed to. And yes, it’s a non-negotiable deal (although medical exemptions are made for those who rely on their phone for treatment).




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