When booking your tickets, you may have to pay a per ticket booking fee and/or a transaction fee. These fees cover the cost of processing your booking and providing our service, including technology solutions, customer service, the running of our website and the distribution of tickets.  

Why do you charge these fees?

Combined, these fees help to cover our costs so we can keep delivering the best possible service to you. Running our sites, equipping box offices with ticket scanners, supporting and improving the booking process and ensuring we are meeting the best security standards all costs money.

What is the difference between a per ticket booking fee and a transaction fee?

The per ticket booking fee is a charge agreed in advance with the promoter or producer and helps us to provide an efficient service for you. The fees cover many different costs, such as ticket scanners, box office equipment and customer service. 

The transaction fee covers the cost of processing the booking, from securing your order to fulfilling your tickets, including security technology, website maintenance and payment provider costs. 


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