Relaxed performances are primarily designed for people who may find visiting a theatre daunting. They are designed to welcome people, especially those on the autistic spectrum, those who may make involuntary sounds, or anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed environment.  

Depending on the show, slight alterations are made to the performance though the overall content will not change. House lights are normally left on low and strobe lighting may be removed. Loud noises or explosions are either taken out entirely or reduced. The audience are free to go in and out as needed and latecomers’ rules will be relaxed. Making noise or moving during the performance will not be discouraged.

There are additional staff members on hand to assist as required, and chill out areas are provided for anyone who may become overwhelmed by the performance. In addition, visual stories will be sent to all bookers in advance, with detailed information and photos of both the theatre and the show.

For a full list of Relaxed Performances, see our Upcoming Relaxed Performances.


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