1) Find your event / show

The easiest way to find your event / show is to visit www.atgtickets.com.  You can then use ATG’s internal search to find the event you looking for or you can select Shows in the main navigation and see an A-Z list of performances.

2) Choose your event

Once you have found the event you want to go and see, at a venue you want to see it at, click Buy Tickets for the performance you want to go and see.


3) Choose your ticket

Select the date and time you want tickets for and click Choose seats to move to the next step.


4) Choose your seats 

Here you can choose where you would like to sit. The coloured dots indicate different prices.


To see only the seats available for one price type, click on the list at the top. There may be more price types than your device can display at once, so make sure to scroll and check for the best price available.


Click once on the seat map to zoom in. You can then click and drag the seat map to view different parts of the auditorium.

When you select a seat, more information about the seat will appear. Here you will see the location of the seat , the seat number and any other information for your selected seat. Click on the price of the seat to proceed, and then repeat this process for any extra seats you wish to book.


5) Enhance your experience

You will be taken to a screen that lists the additional products you can purchase for your performance.


Click the plus or minus buttons to control how many you would like, then click Continue to checkout. You will then be asked if you want to protect your tickets.


Select an option, then click Continue to checkout.

Note: At the top of the screen will be an order timeout countdown. Your tickets are only held in your basket for a set amount of time and you will need to complete your purchase before the time runs out.

6) Input your collection and payment details

You can then select how you would like to collect your tickets. Please note, one or more of these options may be disabled depending on the event you are attending. Enter your first and last name, and your preferred email address.

Then, choose your payment method. Credit/Debit Card is selected automatically.


 7) Finalise your details

Enter the details of your debit or credit card. The accepted card types are listed on the page.


If you enter your postcode and click find address, the page will generate a list of addresses connected to that postcode. Select your address from the list. If your address does not appear, please click Enter address manually and fill in the details below.


To proceed, you must accept our terms and conditions. You will be able to read them at this point in your ticket buying journey, or you can read them now Terms & Conditions of Sale.

8) Confirm your purchase

Click the Buy tickets now button to confirm your purchase.


All orders are subject to credit card approval and verification of billing address, and you may need to start your order again if your payment is declined by the bank or your billing address is found to not match your account details.

Please check all the information is correct before clicking the Buy tickets now button. 

Booking online is the fastest ways to book tickets however, if you are unable to book tickets online, you can call us on 0333 009 6690. We are open 9am - 8pm, 7 days a week. 


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