ATG Front of House staff are trained in licensing laws and are advised to refuse service to anyone thought to be intoxicated. If staff are unsure whether they should refuse service, they are encouraged to seek support from our supervisors, duty managers and security staff. Furthermore, bag searches are in operation at selected performances and any alcohol found is confiscated and thrown away. It is an offence to bring alcohol into our venues. 


Our staff actively monitor the audience during the performance and it is additionally helpful if audience members can bring concerns to our attention. Anyone spoiling the enjoyment of the performance for others will be spoken to by staff and if deemed necessary, asked to leave.


The majority of our audiences are able to behave accordingly and drink responsibly and as such offering a bar service pre-show and interval serves to enhance their experience. In the instance of our at-seat service, staff will not hand over alcohol to anyone who is intoxicated.


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