All concessions are subject to availability, not valid for all performances, and are determined venue by venue and show to show. 

If discounts are available, they will show as a price type once you have selected your ticket from the seating plan:



  • Students (with valid student ID). 
  • Senior citizens (anyone over the age of 60). 
  • Unemployed (proof that you’re in receipt of JSA is required). 
  • Children. Anyone aged 18 months to 15 years counts as a child. They will need their own ticket which shall be at full ticket price if no child concessions are available at the time of booking. NB: Children must be supervised at all times, and you need a 1 adult to 10 children ratio, minimum. The Management reserves the right to ask parents / supervisors to remove children if, in the opinion of the Management, they are causing a disturbance. 
  • Babes in arms: This term encompasses all children under 18 months. They are only admitted to performances specifically aimed for them, such as children’s shows and pantomimes, but then go free of charge. Children under the age of 18 months will not be admitted to any performance unless they are specifically aimed for them. NB: In our Glasgow theatres (due to theatre licensing laws) we are obliged to allocate a seat to every person admitted to the auditorium, irrespective of age, so although you won’t need to pay for a seat for these 'babes in arms', they will be officially allocated a seat. Although the seat number won’t necessarily be next to you, by allocating them a ticket they will then be allowed to go into the auditorium with you. 
  • Family tickets: Family tickets are for four people, either two adults and two children, or one adult and three children. These can be selected from the discount link that appears when you confirm your seat selection or (if you’ve been sent an email advertising the offer) you might need to input a promo code. 
  • Groups: Submit a Request under ‘Groups and Schools’ to determine whether you and your party are eligible for discounts. 
  • Patrons with access requirements: Please see our Access Membership.
  • Theatre card members: In addition to no booking fees for most ATG shows, ATG TheatreCard members have access to exclusive discounts. These can be found in our brochure, or during the online ticket purchase. 

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