In order to balance the needs of our local communities, producers and individual show requirements, some shows may have additional COVID-19 safety measures in place.  

Currently, the only venue that will be asking patrons to provide COVID-19 status checks is: Can-Can seats for Moulin Rouge! The Musical @ The Piccadilly Theatre.

Where these additional measures are in place, we can accept evidence of a lateral flow test or PCR test. You can buy a COVID-19 test from some pharmacies and retailers, in person or online.; you do not need to be a UK citizen or eligible for NHS services to access them.

You must complete your test within the 24 hours prior to your visit.

If your test result is negative, you need to register the result with the NHS Self Reporting Tool in order to get the evidence you need to be permitted entry into the venue. This service is free and available to everyone; you do not need to be a UK citizen or eligible for NHS services to use it.

Access the Self Reporting Tool. Once you have registered your results you will receive a text and/or email confirmation. This is the evidence we require you to bring with you and present to our staff on arrival at the venue.

For further information on medical exemption.


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