You can use your ATG credit voucher online at to book tickets for any future event at our UK venues.*  

Instructions on how to redeem your voucher:

  1. During the checkout process, select your payment method as Voucher.
  2. Enter your voucher number (all numbers) in the top box, and your redemption code (combination of numbers and letters) in the bottom box.
  3. Click Apply and proceed to checkout.

If your voucher amount is greater than the balance on your order, then any remaining amount will remain on your voucher which you can use again on any subsequent transactions. However, if the voucher amount is less than the balance on the order, then you can select an additional payment method from the list for the remainder. 

You can check the voucher balance during this stage too. 


If you are still having problems, please Submit a Request and a member of our team will be in touch to help you book the show of your choice.

For Access support please see our Access Contact Us page. 



*Please note, this does not include Harry Potter and The Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre. We sell tickets for this show but do not own this venue.


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